The Job Hunt ends here!

Are you feeling a nagging urge that its time to make a change? Do you feel like your life has become boring? Or, maybe you need more spendable income. After all who doesn’t.

Well let me take the pressure off and do the searching for you.

Contact me via email or phone (noted below and on the About page of this website) and submit you name, email, phone number, and resume. I’ll get back with you in 24 hours with job leads. I charge 15.00 for this service payable after you receive your first check. If you do not find what your looking for I charge 0.00.

If you peruse the rest of my website you will see that I have over 20 years in customer service and have worked directly with the CEO and President of a well established car dealership. I use these skills and connections I have to offer you a new and exciting opportunity.

I’m willing to search in just one specific location if you are not able to move. However, if your reaching out to me because you have a nagging feeling that things have become boring and you need a change. I encourage you to consider looking at jobs in other cities. Sometimes a big move is just what a gal or guy needs to feel like they’ve got a clean slate and fresh new start.

I’m really looking forward to working with you and watching you achieve the goals you’ve set forth for yourself.


phone: (616) 667-7486