Turn a hobby into cash

Do you collect “stuff” like figurines, costume jewelry, lanterns, books or even credit cards. Sometimes our hobbies start to crowd our living space and its time to downsize. Set up a website or Facebook account and get extra items listed online. You can employee me as admin for the website and I will keep it up to date and continue to list items for you.

I personally collect costume jewelry. Its an obsession! I just can’t resist inexpensive sparkles. Check out my Facebook account for an example of what I’ve done.

Your probably wondering how collecting credit cards can be a hobby. According to Good Financial cents (

“Some people pursue credits cards for the cash back and travel rewards like it’s a part-time job. If you have a good strategy, it’s easy to earn several hundred dollars per year in rewards or thousands of miles using the best airline credit cards, but your earnings can skyrocket if you go after signup bonuses.”

I personally would not suggest pursuing this hobby or you may find that you have more debt than you want. However, if traveling for business is something that you are already doing, and your financially responsible it maybe something to consider.

Now don’t quit your day job just yet. When reselling items online that you’ve over collected your hitting a small market of people and the income maybe just enough to start a second hobby. Don’t plan on this to pay your bills unless your willing to invest cash and time to make it happen.

Forbes has six tips for turning your hobby into a career and I would suggest reading the following article from 2013 and re-reading my article on Crowd Sourcing your next cause.

Well good luck with bringing in extra cash while enjoying your hobby, and don’t forget that I’m available to admin for you and streamline your hobby or maybe your next career.












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