I want to work closely with people who are visionaries, Goal drivin, and have a sense of good humor and wit.

I have taken a look at my life and the many blessed opportunities I have had. 20 yrs of Call Center and Customer Service operations. I’m sort of a “Jenny of all trades”.

The customer service industry is changing rapidly. Companies are realizing the customer service representative who are generally in large quantity and inexpensive to employ are in fact their next top sales person. People are no longer willing to wait to receive the information they want. They hang up and call back. The gals and more and more men who answer the call need to be highly and effectually trained. Otherwise you miss the opportunity to brand your product and create a positive experience for your customer. I want to share what I know with you and learn along the way. Consider these following scenarios, and reach out to offer me another. Lets get together and resolve an issue you have.

●In need of a convention hall to hold meetings? Consider it done, including finding the venue, scheduling and sending out invites. 

● Need a new job. Supply your background information, and several (3) new leads will be sent to you in 24 hours. See a job that looks like the right fit. Allow me 15 minutes to gather some information needed for the application and a completed online application will be sent to you in 24hrs. Please review, sign, and submit. Also, I’ll have all that information saved in a secure location and will be able to move through another referral if needed. * 15.00hr – broken down into 15 minute increments.

*Never give your personal information to people on the internet. Vet them – take their company name, contact number, and city and state. Let them know that you are going to search Google for their business and then call back. Check reviews, BBB, and a stable location. Best approach is to meet them in person and listen for that stability,  family, location and a general sense you trust this company/individual. If you still feel unsafe do not give any information out. 

I invite you to set an appointment with myself to review the application and meet me personally .

*Have a product to sell? Setting up a website, and getting you started online is a breeze in just 72 hours for a basic site. 

*Have a wedding, convention, or business dinner coming up? But no time to shop for the perfect outfit or suit coat. I have time! I’ll probably need 15 minutes to get an idea of what you are looking for and I can text you from the store or make a selection on your behalf. I’ll have it delivered before the event.

Have travel plans coming up? Personal or business, or otherwise. You’ll arrive and have everything as requested.

Anything else you can think of. Your on! Remember payments can be commission based or hourly.

The most important thing I provide is the assistance you need to succeed.  🐝

Some of the basic skills I bring to the table are…………..

Able to navigate most recent technology (Smartphone, computers, and social media). I can create invoices and reports. Experienced with XML/extranet third party limited access system to share information.

20 years customer service with a strong focus in the past 4 years on data drivin information. Being able to reach out to the customer in the most pleasing manner as to encourage them to “come again”

6 years of Account Receivables experience. I was encouraged and granted the opportunity to respond directly to the CEO and Owner regarding AR updates. Set up payment arrangements with delinquent customers. Follow up to encourage timely payments. Offer my Small Claims Court experience to bring judgments, hold discovery hearing, garnish wages, or execute property.

Software: Peachtree Accounting, Accurint, Microsoft Office, and basics of Excel 🐝


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